“Physics of Ordered Nanostructures and New Materials in Photonics“ PHONAMP (2011-2016) MNPRS OI171005

“Nanostructured Multifunctional Materials and Nanocomposites“ (2011-2014), MNPRS III45018 (2011-2016)

Innovation project "Airborne surveying and mapping device for monitoring acoustic noise" Geogis, Dirigent Acustics and Glab's colaborative project (2017-2018)

“Physics of Low-Dimensional and Nanometric Structures and Materials“, MNPRS OI141047 (2007-2010)

Innovation project MPNRS, “Development of Mobile Digital EEG Device for Continual Recording (Holter EEG), (2009)

Innovation project MPNRS, “ Development of Universal Laboratory-industrial Digital-Programming Measuring Amplifier for Applications in Industry, Analytical Technique and Medicine“ (2009)

Innovation project MPNRS, “Development of Digital Medical Device for Polysomnography (PSG) (2011)

Innovation poroject MPNRS, “Functional Graphene Based Inks and Printing of Radio Frequency Identificators” (2014)


PHONAMP is a Partnering Project of the Graphene Flagship (2016-2020)

NPRP 7-665-1-125 Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) project, “Intercalated Graphene: Effects of Substrates on Functionalities” (2015-2018)

EU FP6 “Centre of Excellence for Optical Spectroscopy Applications in Physics, Material Science and Environmental Protection“ (OPSA), (2006-2008)

EU FP7 “Multifunctional Nanomaterials Characterization Exploiting EllipsoMetry and Polarimetry” (NanoCharM), (2008-2010)

EU FP7 “Large Area Fabrication of 3D Negative Index Materials by Nanoimprint lithography” – NIM_NIL, (2009-2012)

Bilateral Serbia-Spain project “Infrared Spectroscopy of Nanostructured Graphene” (2012-2013)

Bilateral Serbia-China project “Crystal Growth and Peculiar Normal State Physics of ReBCO”, (2015-2016)

Bilateral Austria-Serbia project: "Two dimensional materials as templates for the growth of organic semiconductors"( 2016-2017)

Bilateral Germany-Serbia project: "Femtosecond Surface Plasmon DYnamics at the NANOscale (SP-DYNANO)" ( 2015-2016)

Bilateral Croatia-Serbia project ( 2016-2017)






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