Dr. Vladan Čelebonović

vladimir Damljanovic


Assistant research professor


Studies: B.Sc.,M.Sc and Ph.D obtained at the Faculty of  Physics,University of Belgrade

Schollarships: Two French governement schollarships
1987. 8 months in Lab. des interactions moleclaires et hautes pressions,Université Paris Nord
1989. to 1991. 2 years in Lab. de  physique des solides,Université Paris Sud,Orsay

Visits abroad :
Lorentz Institute,Leiden University, Holland  2001,2003,2004.
ICTP Trieste 2012,2019 (7 to 10 days each)
2015,2018,2019 (5 to 7 weeks each)
ISSP Bas (Sofia): 2019,2018,2016,2014,2012,…
Unv.of Patras (Greece) Lab.of Prof. Mavrantzas  2009

Transport and optical properties of low dimensional materials;
The Hubbard model;
Materials under high pressure



V. Čelebonović and M.G.Nikolić: Theoretically choosing multifunctional materials;  Lecture at the 20 ISSP Summer School, Varna, Bulgaria, September 3.-7. 2018.;
J.Phys.:Conf.Ser. 1186 012001 (2019)

V.Čelebonović,J.Pešić,R.Gajić, B.Vasić and A.Matković:  Selected  transport,vibrational and mechanical properties of low-dimensional systems under strain;
J.of Appl.Phys., 125 154301 (2019).

V. Čelebonović: The Hubbard Model:Some Applications to Nanomaterials, in: Advances in Nanotechnology,vol.22,pp.83-98,Ed. by Z.Bartul and J.Trenor,Nova Science Publishers,New York (USA)  (2019),ISBN 978-1-53615-559-4 (ebook)

V. Čelebonović and M.G. Nikolić:  The Hubbard Model and Piezoresistivity,
J.Low Temp.Phys.,190 (3-4),pp.191-199 (2018).

V. Čelebonović: Some calculational improvements in applying the
Hubbard model to nanomaterials; Lecture at the 19 ISSP Summer School, Varna, Bulgaria, August 29.-September 2 2016.;  J.Phys.:Conf.Ser. 794 012008 (2017).

V. Čelebonović: Material Science and Impact Crater Formation, poglavlje u knjizi "Horizons in World Physics":,Volume 291, ed by A.Reimer, pp.251-267,Nova Science Publishers, New York ,USA (2017),ISBN 978-1-53611-008-1

V. Čelebonović:  Hubbard model in material science: electrical conductivity and reflectivity of models of some 2D materials izašlo kao poglavlje u knjizi “Advanced 2D Materials”, ed. by A. Tiwari et  al., pp.115 -144 Wiley-Scrivener Publishing LLC, USA (2016) ISBN 978-1-119-24249-9

M. D Rabasović, B. D Murić, V. Čelebonović, M. Mitrić, B. M Jelenković and M. G. Nikolić : Luminescence thermometry via the two-dopant intensity ratio of Y2O3:Er3+, Eu3+ J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 49 (2016) 485104 (6pp)

V. Čelebonović and M.G. Nikolić: Heating and Melting in Impacts: Basic Theory and Possible Applications, Int.J.Thermophys.,36, pp.2916-2921 (2015)

V. Čelebonović: Condensed Matter Analogy of Impact Crater Formation,
Journal of Earth Science and Engineering, 5,pp.44-51 (2015)

 V. Čelebonović:  Павле Савић, Радивоје Кашанин и њихова теорија о понашању материјала под високим притиском, "Флогистон" 23, 67 (2015).




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