Jasna Vujin, PhD Student


jasna vujin


Research Associate


2018-present Research Associate

PhD Student,
Since 2015 studing in the Centar for Solid State Physic and New Materials, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia

(2011-2013) MSc in Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Thesis: "Electrochemical activity of polycrystaline Pt for oxygen reduction reaction; theoretical and practical aspect"
Thesis advisor: Dr. Igor Pasti

Synthesis and characterization of graphene and other 2D materials;



Graphene exfoliation: LPE and micro-mechanical;

test methods of electrode kinetics:

Cyclic Voltammetry  and Method Rotating Disk       


1. Pešić J., Vujin J., Tomašević-Ilić T., Spasenović M., Gajić R., DFT study of optical properties of MoS2 and WS2 compared to spectroscopic results on liquid phase exfoliated nanoflakes, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 50, 291 (2018)

2. J. Simonovic, B. Toljic, N. Nikolic, J. Vujin, R. Panajotovic, R. Gajic, E. Bekvarova, A. Cataldi, V. Parpura, J. Milašin ,,Differentiation of stem cells from apical papilla into neural lineage using graphene dispersion and single walled carbon nanotubes”, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 106, 2653-2661 (2018) ;

3. A. Matković, M. Kratzer, B. Kaufmann, J. Vujin, R.Gajić, C. Teichert, ,“Probing charge transfer between molecular semiconductors and graphene”,Scientific Reports 7, 9544,(2017)

4. Tomašević-Ilić T., Pešić J., Milošević I., Vujin J., Matković A., Spasenović M., Gajić R. „Transparent and conductive films from liquid phase exfoliated graphene“ Opt. Quant. Electron. 48:319 (2016)



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