Dr Ivana R. Milošević


radmila panajotovic


Assistant Research Professor


Education: Graduated in 2003 at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry,

Master degree at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, 2009, University of Belgrade.

PhD degree at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, 2014, University of Belgrade.

Work experience: Since 2003 till 2005 worked as a chemistry teacher in elementary and high school.
Since 2005 till 2010 she worked at the Institute of Physics at the Project 141033 "Radiation and transport properties of non-ideal laboratory and ionosphere plasma."
Since 2010 working at the Projects: III 43007 and 171005.

2D materials (exfoliation-characterization-application), liquid-phase exfoliation, thin-film deposition, environment-bioindicators (tree-rings)



1. I.R. Milosevic, B. Vasic, A. Matkovic, J. Vujin, S. Askrabic, C. Teichert and R. Gajic, Single-step fabrication and work function engineering of Langmuir-Blodgett assembled few-layer graphene films with Li and Au salts, in press.

2. A. Matkovic, I. Milosevic, M. Milicevic, T. Tomasevic-Ilic, J. Pesic, M. Music, M. Spasenovic, Dj. Jovanovic, B. Vasic, C. Deeks, R. Panajotovic, M. Belic and R. Gajic, Enhanced sheet conductivity of Langmuir-Blodgett assembled graphene thin films by chemical doping, 2D Materials 3:015002 (2016)

3. T. Tomasevic-Ilic, J. Pesic, I. Milosevic, J. Vujin, A. Matkovic, M. Spasenovic, R. Gajic. Transparent and conductive films from liquid phase exfoliated graphene , Optical and Quantum Electronics 48:319 (2016)

4.  D.M. Marković, I.R. Milošević, D. Vilotić, Accumulation of Mn and Pb in linden (Tilia Platyphyllos Scop.) bark and wood, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2013), 20: 136-145

5.  A. Matković, U. Ralević, G. Isić, M.M. Jakovljević, B. Vasić, Dj. Jovanović, I. Milošević, D. Marković, R. Gajić, Spectroscopic elipsometry and the fano resonance modeling of graphene optical parameters, Physica Scripta, (2012), T149, 014069: 1-3

6.  I.R. Milošević, D.M. Marković, D. Vilotić, M. Vilotić, Determination of Fe, Mg, Mn and Pb in girasol (Helianthus tuberosus L.) tubers, soil and ash by U-shaped DC arc, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, (2012), 21 (3): 543-548

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