Angela Beltaos, PhD Student


angela beltaos


Phd Student/Research Associate


M.Sc. in Physics (2006), University of Alberta (U of A), Canada Certificate in Renewable Energy and Conservation (2011), Lakeland
College, Canada

Work Experience:
2008-2010: Associate, Teslacentral Enterprises, Edmonton, Canada

2009: Research Assistant, Research Data Center, Statistics Canada, Edmonton

2007-2008: Instructor in Math and Physics, U of A and NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), Edmonton

2006-2007: Research Assistant, Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
2004-2006: Graduate Student Researcher and Lab Instructor in Physics, U of A, Edmonton

2002-2003: Research Assistant (during summers) in Math, Physics, and
Engineering, U of A, Edmonton

Research in national project: “Physics of ordered nanostructures and new materials in photonics” (2011- ), No. OI171005



Graphene synthesis, characterization, and applications, nano-materials, photonics, photovoltaics


Graphene exfoliation, UV lithography, spectroscopy


Environmental Youth Corp. (EYC), ECO Canada, 2008
Summit 2005 Best Poster Award, iCore Banff Informatics Summit, 2005
American Physical Society Student Mascot Design Contest Winner, 2004
Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship, 2004
JA Jacobs Prize in Physics, U of A, 2003
Douglas M Sheppard Memorial Scholarship, U of A, 2002
Jason Lang Scholarship, U of A, 2002

Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship, Dalhousie University, 1997




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2. M. Chikkara, E. Pavlica, A. Matković, A. Beltaos, R. Gajić and G. Bratina.
“Pentacene on graphene as a layer discriminator”, Carbon (accepted), 2013

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8. A. Meldrum, A. Hryciw, K. S. Buchanan, A. M. Beltaos, M. Glover, C. A. Ryan and J. G. C. Veinot. “Two-dimensionally-patterned silicon nanocrystal arrays”, Optical Materials, Vol. 27, p. 812, 2005




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