Andrijana Šolajić, PhD Student


andrijana solajic


Research Assistant


Since October 2017, PhD Student in the Center for Solid State Physics and
New Materials, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia

Undergraduate studies: School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2016.
Master degree studies: Nanoelectronics and Photonics module, School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2017

Density Functional Theory, 2D materials, graphene, optical properties, low-dimensional systems, Lattice dynamics



DFT calculations
Quantum Espresso


    1.    A Milosavljević, A Šolajić, B Višić, M Opačić, J Pešić, Y Liu, C Petrovic, Z V Popović, N Lazarević, “Vacancies and spin–phonon coupling in CrSi0.8Ge0.1Te3”  Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, accepted manuscript (2020)

    2.   V. Damljanovic, N. Lazic, A. Solajic, J. Pesic, B. Nikolic and M. Damnjanovic: "Peculiar symmetry-protected electronic dispersions in two-dimensional materials", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32, 485501 (2020).

    3.   A Šolajić, J Pešić, R Gajić, Optical and mechanical properties and electron–phonon interaction in graphene doped with metal atoms,  Optical and Quantum Electronics 52 (182), 1-10 (2020)

    4. A Milosavljević, A Šolajić, S Djurdjić-Mijin, J Pešić, B Višić, Yu Liu, C Petrovic, N Lazarević, ZV Popović “Lattice dynamics and phase transitions in Fe 3− x GeTe 2” Physical Review B 99 (21), 214304 (2019)

    5. J. Pešić, I. Popov, A. Šolajić, V. Damljanović, K. Hingerl, M. Belić and R. Gajić, Ab Initio Study of the Electronic, Vibrational, and Mechanical Properties of the Magnesium Diboride Monolayer, Condensed Matter 4 (2), 37 (2019)

    6. A. Šolajić, J. Pešić and R. Gajić, Ab-initio calculations of electronic and vibrational properties of Sr and Yb intercalated graphene, Optical and Quantum Electronics 50 (7), 276 (2018)

    7. S. Djurdjić-Mijin, A. Šolajić, J. Pešić, M. Šćepanović, Y. Liu, A. Baum, C. Petrovic, N. Lazarević, and Z. V. Popović, Lattice dynamics and phase transition in CrI3 single crystals, Physical Review B 98 (10), 104307 (2018).

    8. A. Milosavljević, A. Šolajić, J. Pešić, Yu Liu, C. Petrovic, N. Lazarević, and Z. V. Popović, Evidence of spin-phonon coupling in CrSiTe3, Physical Review B 98 (10), 104306 (2018)



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