tesla GPU gropu for simulations in solid state physics is sponsored by NVIDIA

The development of GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit) technology has brought high performance computing closer than ever to every scientific computing laboratory. Our group has recognized potential for application of GPU technology in solid state physics and recently established the GPU subgroup for simulations in solid state physics. The main goal is the application of GPGPU to simulations and calculations in graphene research and photonics. Our equipment consists of Nvidia's Tesla C2050, Quadro 4000, GeForce GTX 690, GTX 560, and two GTX 285. Currently we are working with the GPU accelerated Quantum Espresso package and GPU accelerated FTDF, BigDFT, and Mathematica programs. In the GPU group there are currently several PhD and Msc Students all under the supervision of the head of the Group for Physics of Ordered Nanostructures and New Materials in Photonics.

Recently we added new NVIDIA's Tesla K20 to our equipment. Special thanks to NVIDIA for this donation for GPU Group for Simulations in Solid State Physics.


Advantages of GPU technology in DFT calculations of intercalated graphene
Pesic, J., and R. Gajic. Physica Scripta 2014.T162 014027 (2014)

GPU accelerations in DFT codes in 2D-materials science
Pesic, J., and R. Gajic - manuscript in preparation



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