TESCAN Mira 3 is a Schottky emitter scanning electron microscope.  The system is equipped with four detector systems for secondary electrons (SE) and back-scattered electrons (BSE), both in-beam and in the chamber. Beam acceleration voltage can be varied between 50 V and 30 kV. The resolution of the system is down to 1nm (in-beam SE 30 kV). Magnification range is 2x to 1,000,000x. Two vacuum modes are available, high vacuum (<5x10^-4 Pa) and low vacuum mode (7-500 Pa). The system is also equipped with a beam de-accelerator, allowing high resolution with low effective beam acceleration voltages.

The system is also used for electron beam lithography (EBL), since it is equipped with a beam blinker. The shortest line-width of the system is 20 nm, for series of parallel lines in a 20 nm thick PMMA resist layer with Mw~996k by GPC.





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