Ntegra Spectra Module with Confocal Raman and AFM



Our Ntegra Spectra module offers simultaneous AFM and Raman measurement of exactly the same sample area. In that way complementary information about sample physical properties (AFM) and chemical composition (Raman) can be obtained, with high spatial resolution. Due to AFM Z-feedback, the sample always stays in focus of the excitation laser. This enables high quality Raman measurements of samples with very rough surfaces, or inclined samples. Technical specifications of the system are:

  • AFM (contact + semi-contact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscopy / Phase Imaging/ Force Modulation/ Adhesion Force Imaging/ Lithography
  • STM/ Magnetic Force Microscopy/ Electrostatic Force Microscopy/ Scanning Capacitance Microscopy/ Kelvin Probe Microscopy/ Spreading Resistance Imaging
  • Scanning by sample with two types of scanners - 100x100x10 μm and 1x1x1 μm
  • =0.2 nm resolution in XY, and =0.04 nm resolution in Z

    Confocal Raman

  • Confocal Raman runs simultaneously with AFM (during one sample scan)
  • Numerical aperture of the objective: 0.7
  • Laser wavelength: 532 nm
  • Four fully motorized gratings: 150 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 1800 gr/mm, 2400 gr/mm
  • Visible, UV and IR spectral ranges available (190 nm to 10445 nm)
  • TE cooled (down to -100C) CCD camera.
  • Diffraction limited spatial resolution: ~270 nm in XY
  • Motorized variable beam expander/collimator: adjusts diameter and collimation of the laser beam individually for each laser and each objective used.
  • Full 3D (XYZ) confocal imaging with powerful image analysis.




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