The Jobin Yvon T64000 Raman system



The Jobin Yvon T64000 Raman system is equipped with a triple Jobin Yvon T64000 spectrometer, Coherent mixed Ar+/Kr+ ion gas laser and CCD detector system. The experimental set-up also includes a confocal microscope and a xyz stage. The Cryovac Konti cooling cryostat for low temperature measurements makes it possible to obtain the micro-Raman spectra within the temperature range from 4 to 300 K. Through appropriate neutral filters of the T64000 system, the laser spot is driven by the mirror combination to the microscope system, which focuses a spot on the sample surface. The confocal microscope permits experiments on small size samples, with improved spatial, lateral and depth resolutions. The light scattered from the sample surface is redirected to the microscope and than orientated by mirrors to the triple monochromator. The spectral dispersed light from the monochromator enters the CCD (Charge Coupled Device) detector

System technical specification:

Spectral range: 200 - 950 nm
Precision: ±1 cm-1 in the range 450 - 850 nm
Gratings: 3 x 1800 grooves/mm
Reproducibility: better than 1 pixel
Step size: 0.00066 nm (with 1800 grooves/mm gratings)
Focal length: 3 x 640 mm (triple additive)
Low frequency: typically 2 – 5 cm-1 (double filter stage)
Stray light rejection: 10-14at 20 cm-1 (514 nm laser)
Resolution: better than 2 pixels of the CCD, i. e. 2 cm-1 (for 514,5 nm laser)
Dispersion: 17,68 cm-1/nm (at 600 nm)



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